Friday, May 19, 2006

Mesa continues ..

Its been pretty hard goin with Mesa over the last week or so..

Firstly, The mesagl.hidd started working properly with mesa3.5, so I started merging the code with the newest refresh of Mesa (6.5) - quite a jump!

Well, today I finally got the binaries to output something - though there where clearly a couple of bugs and some unexpected surprises =)

The accelerated software line and triangle functions which didnt get called with mesa3.5 now are being utilised, so those demos arew now running a little faster. Morph3D is showing a bug - the glclear function isnt operating correctly yet.

Over the next few days I will tidy up the AROSMesa linklib code to work properly with 6.5 which will hopefully make it a bit more efficient, and then start about updating the mesagl.hidd to operate properly with the new setup.

If i find time l8r I will try and "port" a small shader test to check mesa is indeed working properly with all the latest gl functionality.

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