Monday, August 18, 2008

A new home ...

Ive got round to setting up an SVN repository on google code, where I will work on projects for AROS that I dont want to do in the main tree..

Im in the process of cleaning up the mesa6.5 dirs to import it, so that should be available with smbfs etc shortly.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

And continuing ...

Well ive been quiet for a while now but things havent been completely on hold.

Ive recently put finishing touches to a network driver for SiS900/SiS7016 based NIC's, and also have an Intel Gigabit NIC driver roughly 95% complete. Once I have it working I hope to find the remaining problems with the RTL8139 code and try and get it finished up also.

Other than that ive been working away on Wanderer and finally enabled the snapshot menu options, so now you can snapshot drawer windows positions/size aswell as your icon positions, however currently wanderer doesnt display Icons with coords as they should be - something I will look into shortly.

Ive also been working in other parts of Wanderer .. so now for instance it will load the contents of .backdrop files listed in volume root directories and add the Icons therein to the desktop like on AmigaOS.

The menu options to add/remove the files arent yet operational but soon they will be ;)

Im also in the process of reworking the menu handling a little so that they are updated dynamically depending on selected icons, and "view" options.

Once these things are fixed - The only remaining menu option I will tackle will be the Empty Trash option =D

Then its back to trying to fix the buffered IconList handling since this is something id really like to get working soon!