Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thoughts ..

Hmm, after studying the behaviour of the icon selection code a little- i think it would be better if it checked the icons in reverse - this would prevent icon labels overlapping icons,

Also, It might be worth considering speeding up the loop by skipping icons "outside" of the current viewable are.. needs some more though.

*Bug* - The "changed" state of icons isnt being properly examined yet i dont think... maybe need to spend some time making sure it works as it should =)

This manifests itself in a number of ways - from icons flashing when nothing should be occuring - to icons being drawn twice causing transparent areas to become opaque looking.

Ive fixed a number of other bugs, and overall the code seems to be working better (read slightly faster, and doing what it should mostly ;P)


Well, it seems the Line splitting was breaking due to a combination of borken prefs and failure to check certain values are sensible..

Now it no longer crashes/hangs ive re enabled it and tidied up the icon list selection code a little.

Also, I found why oliviers WBInfo wasnt displaying Info for disks - and fixed it, so now it should work as expected - though the actual content still needs some work ..

One other change ive made is to add an asynchronous scan of directories to display the no. of files & child dirs, and the consumed space.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Alive and Kicking!


AROS boots, and ive managed to get across the wanderer changes so far, however its not all smooth running

The label splitting code was making AROS Hang/crash so ive had to disable it till i can get a chance to see whats going down *sigh*

Ahhh well atleast things are moving again =)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Kals Fandabulous Blog

Well, after over half a year of futile hair pulling ive finally managed to get a full checkout of AROS alive and kicking. All compiles well so I can finaly get some time working with it again.

Still got a few issues to resolve - I dont like developing in linsux so its going to be a rough transition =*(

*sigh* If only theyd fix Samba ..

p.s. - I also need to migrate my existing changes to the new SVN codebase which might take some time =(

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


wow my first blog =D

ahh well lets hope i have enough going on in my little life to post again!