Thursday, April 27, 2006


Ive finally found the bug causing my Server prefs code to not function. Later today I hope to start getting it fully functional - saving entered servers for later usage.

The server "page" is stil llacking input gadgets so you cant send commands to it just yet except from within a channel page, so I will probably fix this issue also.

A few bugs seem to exist still causing it to crash aswell, and the texteditor class - while working - isnt fully used yet. Theres also a bug causing the output to get inserted into the wrong location on occasion.

Finally, I hope to get the text formatting done sometime soon - aswell as a few other options ( tab name completion, inserting timestamps, logging and private messaging to other users)

Keep watching this space ...

Upto Mesa 3.5 now ..

Ive recently commited another update to mesa.

We now have an OpenGL 1.2 capable implementation of mesa however it doesnt yet support hardware acceleration, and the code isnt shared.

The driver needed a number of changes (mainly to its api and the calls to mesa) but because of this it should be ready to start bringing it upto a higher mesa version.

Hopefully I can find time to merge it with mesa 4 over this weekend before attempting the steps through mesa 5 and finally 6 ( which should give us OpenGL2)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well, since ive been "inactive" for a bit, ive decided to try and get some work done on a few of my projects.

ATM im trying to rework AiRcOS to let seperate modules store their supported commands/actions with the main app (they are linked in at compile time atm still, but in the future I hope to make them as seperate plugins)

Im also trying to rework the main display / input code to work via the TextEditor MUI custom class Georg S recently commited to AROS - however progress is slow since im having probs getting it working =*(

Finally im going to look at adding support for DCC once im done with the previous work.


Ive just commited updates to AROSMesa -:

# Merged the main mesa code with the 3.4.2 tree,
# Fixed a number of bugs in the AROS Rasterizer (thanks to Georg S for a lot of them!)
# Reworked the AROS Rasterizer a bit.