Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, After another stint of not being able to compile AROS (due to a change in host env from mandrake to fedora), I have finally found time to set things back up.

Luckily getting AROS to compile again was relatively simple, after fixing the localisation under linux to iso.


I decided to fix up a few minor issues in InstallAROS that i recently came across.. First, There was no checking if the work partition actually existed (if a user had selected one that is) - so when InstallAROS tried to copy files there things got hairy and ultimately all of AROS was brought down. For the time being if changed it to default back to a single partition system if work isnt available. At some point I will fix up the code to properly prompt the user for an action (Abort install/Continue with a single partition).

Also ive changed the install options page to allow users to specify which drives need formatted (if the format partitions option was selected)

So far the feedback seems to indicate the problems these issues created have been resolved but further testing is needed as always *sigh*

Also the partitioning side is still majorly broken/in need of loving care.

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